At Doctor Foster & Associates, you will find the full range of medical services for the whole family.


Booking online gives you the opportunity to choose the doctor and the time that suits you best. If you’re a new patient, register your details first.
You can also book by phone, call 9792 2666 between 8am and 6pm.


The fees at Doctor Foster & Associates are reasonable, and compare favourably with similar practices elsewhere. Patients sometimes ask about bulk billing. In most circumstances we bulk bill pensioners and children – please confirm with your doctor at the time of your consultation. We ask that other patients settle their accounts directly. 

The reason for this is simple. The way bulk billing works is that you assign the right of the Medicare rebate to the provider, rather than paying the doctor yourself. As this rebate isn’t enough to pay for a full consultation, the doctor is under pressure to deal with you as quickly as possible, and to only consider one issue per visit.

We don’t believe that is the best way to look after your health. You may have multiple issues that need to be considered as a whole, or a single symptom that needs complex investigation. Bulk billing encourages your doctor to quickly prescribe a solution, and get on to the next patient.

At Doctor Foster & Associates, we believe your health is too important to be dealt with in this way. The nature of your consultation is something to be determined between you and your doctor, not the practice accountant.