Dr Justin Marshall

Dr Justin Marshall graduated in 2000 and started as a GP in 2010.
He is happy to take on new patients and is interested in all aspects of family medicine including seeing children, the elderly and those with muscle, bone, joint and tendon problems.
He also holds a diploma in Child Health and Graduate Certificate in Sports Medicine.

Justin completed medical school in 2000 and started work as a GP in 2010 in Bunbury at Dr Foster after working in ED, paediatrics, general medicine, intensive care and anaesthetics. He has post graduate qualifications in child health and sports medicine.
He enjoys keeping active and encourages his patients to do so if possible. He has several years experience in bone, joint and tendon disorder management.

Dr Marshall is located at the Usher Surgery, 124 Parade Road. Call (08) 9795 2555 to make an appointment with Dr Marshall.

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